Clean Build Polygon & Polyline Topology
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No matter how complex
See also; Clean/Build Functions, or Accuracy, or Parcel Map or Contours
How to automatically write fields and attributes to the shapefile.
See a typical CAD to GIS example.


This map shows a typical conversion of fractured and unclosed polylines to nested polygons, using theEngine in ArcView. On the left are the source polyline features, and on the right are the polygon features made by topology 'clean and build'. Gaps, overshoots and undershoots are automatically taken care of within your set tolerances. The polygons at the top show how the polygons are nested. This function required only the entry of two tolerance numbers, and the setting of one option. The polygons were automatically cleaned, built, and saved to a new polygon shapefile.

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Automatic polygon, polyline, and nodal topology built from 'dirty' or 'clean' polylines.
Automatic 'save as' new, or 'append to' existing shapefiles, as-you-go, or from the editable graphics preview.
Polygons, polylines and nodes are created for every clean and build process, all at the same time. Or just polylines and nodes if that option is chosen.
Accepts preprocessing join tolerance options and values, extend tolerance options and values, make islands option, & remove duplicate lines. Provides separate tools to automatically join, extend, close open ends, and add border extents.
Includes a great function to automatically make nested or island polygons from stacked polygons during or after processing.
Node point shapefiles include X and Y coordinates archived to the database.
Renode function automatically removes nodes at two intersecting lines and combines both lines.
Provides optional preview graphics function so you can check or edit your work prior to saving it. Very easy to use, menu driven, with descriptive error traps. Preserves coordinate precision of incoming polylines. Lots of post processing fix-ups if you make an error.

Polylines and Renode

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The polylines on the left are crossing over each other and are fractured. Polyline topology 'clean and build' in theEngine automatically split and joined these to form new polylines and node points at intersections. This is shown in the middle illustration. The point nodes are located at the beginning and end of each new polyline. The polylines on the right are created with the Renode function. Where only two lines share a node, Renode eliminates the node and combines the two lines into one. Thus, nodes will only exist at the intersection of three or more polyline ends (or starts), and the new polylines traverse from node to node.


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This is an example of polylines imported from a typical CAD drawing. theEngine was used to automatically rebuild-polygon topology, and automatically save them to a shapefile with the area, and perimeter recorded. This map was exported from ArcView, wherein theEngine was used to automatically unravel the CAD drawing, 'clean and build', cut the sections out, and 'mouse move' them for this illustration. theEngine has a 'connect' function to automatically adds fields and attributes to the table.