From the Ministry of Unusual Maps

These are shapefiles made in ArcView with a little help from theEngine and 3D or Spatial Analyst needed. An interesting demonstration of vector manipulation.

Using shapefiles saves a lot in helicopter expenses.

tinShapeZ vs 3D Analyst... triangulation of 120,000 points.

Upstream distribution curves. The mosquitos will be strong this year!
By the way, the grey thingy is a shapefile, not a photo. The 3D curves are not aliens or lamps.

Mathematical surface, not a bowl. Triangle polygons actually.

Work from a Cube Farm?

Is there gold in this silted delta? No, but great colours.

Can't see the detail. Magnify it.

Or chart it.

Two views of the same hill, by sunlight and moonlight. Can you tell which is which.

Explode the pieces for those who need a simple explanation.

The mosquitos again, but this time really close.

Want something different. Make your maps bumpy.

3D Analyst view of a tinShapeZ shapefile and a 3D Analyst TIN