3D View, Extrude, Mesh, & Profiles

View and save your 'Z', 'M' or 3D CAD shapefiles in 3D space, or 2D data via a CAD-Like Extrude or Perspective. Click here for more on 3D Functions and for 3D Solids Design

Typical App

3D Extrude produces a three-dimensional view of shapefile(s) extruded by values in the database or by a legend classification, similar to a CAD extrude. The view is rotated in the XY plane and tilted from the Z axis. 'Z' or 'M' files are viewed in 3D using each features nodal values.

Mesh drops a rectangular mesh over many files at once. And 'Profiles' allow you to cut sections from a file by either a grid (automatically made), an alignment, or lines drawn over the file.

Typical 3D Extrude Application

The illustration above, and the zoomed view below, shows a typical application of 3D Extrude. In this case there was no 'extruding' at all, (that option was turned off). The function works on all active themes and all selected features in each theme, thus by selecting appropriate features in activated files, and using other tools in theEngine, this example took only a few minutes.

If you have theEngine, and are coming from the 'Tips & Tricks' page, the following are the tools you would use . . .

Grid Maker to divide up the map; Clean & Build to make polygons from the grid polylines; Modify Data Table to add the 'zone' field; the click on Edit Records to add the zone attributes; Intersect to clip into four sections and impose the zone value on the land, buildings, and pipeline files; Translate, to move the files relative to each other; and of course the 3D Extrude.