AutoExtract CAD & Themes

Automatically unravels everything in CAD or thematic files.
Visit here for a CAD to GIS example.


This illustration shows a typical CAD drawing imported into ArcView by the CAD reader. The AutoExtract function separated it into the three shapefiles shown on the right. These can now be reassembled where necessary using theEngine's merge functions. In this case, the Lakes and Rivers were merged into one polyline file, and processed by theEngine's polyline 'clean and build'. The Forest Cover file is processed by the polygon 'clean and build'. theEngine's Connect Attributes function is used afterward to connect the text file (not shown) to the polygon or polyline files.

Automatically separates data by a classification you chose: layer, elevation, colour, or even by the legend classification.

Automatically writes a new shapefile for each classification, and populates it with the unique attributes found there.For example if you chose to AutoExtract by the field called 'layer' in a CAD drawing, you will get a new shapefile for each 'layer' name, and each will have the attributes and features originally drawn to that layer.

Automatically names new files, and adds them to the view. Automatically redirects data from CD-ROM'S to a writeable directory.

A really easy way to separate out text from a CAD drawing for later attachment to other files