EV8 for ArcGIS superb performance in ArcGIS !

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The new engine, called EV8 or 'engineV8 for ArcGIS' for ArcMap is finished. Finally, after more than one year of development. But even though it will outperform anything you might have heard about, or seen, it is still as economical as the original engine. It has all of theEngine's capability, but is very much faster and smarter.

The main thing you should know about it is that tests show that the 'clean and build' may be up to 2.5 times FASTER than Arc/Info. It is certainly as fast, or in the ballpark. Tests are ongoing.

We did a test of the 8000 line parcel file shown at our web site (takes 20-25 minutes to do with theEngine in ArcView). On similar machines at different sites we had the new engine create polygons by simply pulling a new 'just do it tool' over the lines.

It took 1 min 35 sec. At another site we did a 'blind' test in Arc/info and timed how long it took to do the same work. It took 3.5 minutes (not including the set up time).

EV8 was over twice as fast.

A second test on a badly mangled line file was very interesting. This one came from a CAD where there were 8 to 10 layers of duplications, bitty pieces, nulls, and other junk. The files size was 17,000 lines, mostly stacked on top of each other. This was True Garbage, so we ran the polyline build tool, similar to the polygon one, in order to re-build.

It took 12 SECONDS !

This reduced the 17,000 record file down to a new one with 600 properly built line records. We did not bother to run an arc/info test, it was irrelevant. To do polygons took 5 seconds more. (We stared at the screen in disbelief).

We have put all sorts of new easy click-on tools and functions into this extension. It has the same sophistication as theEngine for ArcView, but with new tools to make editing or manipulation faster/easier/smarter. As in theEngine there is no start edit/stop edit, you just click, move the mouse, double click, then right click to continue or finish, recover, or bail.