GIS Analysis with Automatic Data Proportioning

Single or Batch File Feature & Attribute Clipping, Intersect, Union, Erase, Extract

theEngine has comprehensive analytical capabilities that are fast and easy to use. The following example of a simplified forestry analysis illustrates this.


The main GIS databank holds information with respect to measured tree species, location of rivers and streams, points of environmental interest, and various classes of roads, and other data. The above map shows this, while the red line encompassing a part of it is the location of a proposed forestry operation. In this illustration you can see overlying road and river files. For simplicity, other components are not shown. theEngine clips out everything, all in one operation, from all files, and not just the features, but the fields, and attributes as well, then writes these to new files, and recalculates attributes in preselected fields. The new attributes are proportional to the new area and/or lengths, all automatically.

The resulting files are shown at the right. Clipping can be done by drawing polygons over the area of interest or by selecting polygons in an overlying theme. Forest Cover contains the main data.

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Obviously rivers, roads, and environmental features must be buffered in zones arising from regulations or engineering concerns, and then material within these buffers must be subtracted from the total in the database. theEngine does this of course, but it can also merge all features together into one overall database prior to this or after.

You may choose to merge all the line or point features and then buffer them, or buffer each in accordance with specific attribute values then merge the buffers. The result is a single buffer file as illustrated. In either case, theEngine easily subtracts (by an erase clip) the buffer polygons from the Forest Cover, as shown above. And as before, the attributes are automatically recalculated, resulting in a new file containing the available resource.

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Digitize five polygons representing a proposed five-year plan, and give each polygon an attribute one to five. theEngine's Intersect function will automatically divide the original up into five, writing a new file and proportioning the database. Individual maps can be made for each year using the ExtractSel function.

Clipping, Intersect, Union, Erase, Extract Up Example

Process one or batch process many files at the same time.

Automatically makes 'send to' files with area, perimeters, lengths.

Option to automatically copy all fields & attributes.

Option to automatically proportion attributes in chosen fields.

Cut inside or outside (erase) option.

Use polygon graphics or polygon features.

Output to graphics option.

Automatic file naming option.

Merge-on/off function to place split features into one or separate records.