Example: A real-life headache!

Polygon contours made from very poor data.

Overview of Island and Mountains

First Zoom

Second Zoom

Third Zoom, Nested Polygons

theEngine handles anything. This is an example of contour lines made from 'dirty' machine drawn polylines. The lines originated in a file with an elevation value assigned to each record. theEngine would normally process this with the 'Contour Sort' and 'Make Islands' options turned on. But because of the wide variety of large and small gaps it was thought to sort the lines by elevation first with the 'AutoExtract CAD/Themes' function. With this, theEngine automatically made a new shapefile for each unique elevation level in a few seconds. Some large gaps were closed manually using theEngine's fixing tools. Then the normal 'Clean-Build' was run to build the polygons, and with the 'Connect Attributes' function, the proper elevation value was automatically added to each polygon record. Finally, all shapefiles were automatically merged into one using the 'Merge Multiple Databases' function, and the 'Make Donuts' function was used to nest the polygons. This procedure is not as automatic as it would be if the data was better. But it demonstrates that by using theEngine tools logically, and in combination, you can divide up a 'bad' job into smaller, controllable, operations and get it done no matter what! Headache gone!