Transfer Theme Attributes (Connect Attributes)
Click-on-Feature Table Editing

Automatically write fields and attributes from one shapefile to another by feature match pattern. Check out the click-on-feature attribute editing... no more table editing!

In this illustration, the map on the left consists of two polyline themes, one containing the 'road lines' (green), and the other short lines (red) having the 'road names' as database attributes. This is typical of a CAD drawing disassembled by AutoExtract. Using the Connect Attributes function, the names from the 'road names' theme were automatically attached to feature records in the 'road lines' theme, if the two features were within the distance set. The map on the right (blue) is the same 'road lines' theme as on the left, but it now has a new field (automatically copied) from the 'road names' theme, and containing the appropriate 'road names' attributes.

theEngine Sends Data from File to File...Automatically

Search by distance, for the features in one theme, automatically copy the (selectable) new fields, and automatically attach 'found' attribute data from it to the searching theme. This is very powerful, easy to run, and is a great way to write attributes from one theme to another. For example you can easily attach text fields from CAD drawings. Or use it to add attributes to polygons or polylines after a 'clean and build'.

Search options are any combination of: Distance from one feature to another; Distance from start, center, or end of polylines; Distance from centroids of multipoints, lines, polygons; And within, intersects or outside polygons.

The 'Connect Attributes' function has the ability to filter data both by selected features in either theme, and by search distance, under many parameter options. This gives you a limitless combination of options. The process can be repeated without duplication of fields, but with a change of new attributes found within any new parameters.

Clean & Build with Connect Attributes

In this illustration, the map on the left consists of one polyline theme, and one point theme. The point theme contains the attribute data (the numbers), while the lines have no attributes. This is the case with most CAD files after AutoExtract is run, or it can come from digitized data. The map on the right is a polygon theme built from the polylines using theEngine's 'clean and build' function. Connect Attributes automatically attached all fields and attributes from the point theme to the new polygon theme. Each polygon record now has the point numbers as attributes in its database.

Click-on-Feature Table Editing

With your mouse, you click on a feature, a dialogue box just like this one, pops-up. All current values for that feature are displayed, and all you do is enter the changes you want. The new or edited data is immediately written to disk. If there is no data, then you just enter the new values, but only where you want them. And yes, if there are too many fields for your computer screen, the function automatically creates pages and tabulates through them.