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theEngine and tinShapeZ are two different copyright protected products licenced individually. TIN and its associated functionality are in the tinShapeZ product. All of these are outlined on the one tinShapeZ page. All other functions described here are part of theEngine. theEngine is licenced complete, and not in modules, however some of its operations are made into modules, renamed, and marketed through a different organisation. If you email us about these please advise what components you are looking for.

theEngine and tinShapeZ are two ArcView extensions, and require only ArcView 3.x. theEngine works in ArcView 3.0 and above, and tinShapeZ in ArcView 3.1 and above. The version of theEngine for ArcView 3.0 does not have any of the 3D functionality described herein because ArcView 3.0 does not. The 3D capability is in ArcView 3.1 and above. Both are written in Avenue, and do not require any dll's or ocx's to function, and as such will work on any platform.

EV8 is the extension for ArcMap 8 and above. It is written in VB and includes functions from both theEngine and tinShapeZ.