EV8 Clean and Build Tool

EV8 is accurate, fast, and easy. EV8 creates polygons, polylines, intersection points and dangle points from polylines or polygons. It works either by running a pull over tool or a dialog based function from the pull down menu. Gap and jump tolerances can be set in either case.

For this example we start with a typical unconnected 2D polyline set in a shapefile. EV8 has a function to convert 3D files to 2D for building.

The EV8 clean and build tool is pulled over a small portion of the above polyline file and the clean and build process runs.

EV8 builds polygons, polylines that intersect each other and which are the polygon boundaries. It also creates points to identify polyline intersection nodes, and points to identify dangle ends. It presents one or all of these on screen in tagged graphic format. By right-clicking the mouse they can be turned on and off so each element can be inspected if required. The right-click menu shown above allows you to hide and show the various graphic shapes and to either start over or write the results to files.

Clicking 'write to files' brings up this menu. From here you can choose which shapes to send OR APPEND to shapefiles. The pull down will list all available files to append to.

Above are shown the polyline and dangle node shapefiles over the original.

Above are shown the polyline, intersection node and dangle node shapefiles over the original.

Above are shown all four output shapefiles over the original.